A Home Services Platform Designed
for Senior Living Communities

What does Dorvie Communities do?

Dorvie is a ready-to-deploy home services offering that Senior Living Communities co-brand and use to engage the 90% of retirees who aren't yet ready to move on-campus.

  • Allows your sales teams to add value to and stay connected with prospects who do not want or are not yet ready to move on-campus (e.g., younger prospects)

  • Organizes and delivers trusted, reliable, and high quality/value services - like house cleaning, grocery/meal delivery, & laundry wherever your prospects call home

  • Takes on the vetting of service providers & all scheduling, coordination, & billing consolidation, all for a truly effortless experience for your team & prospects

Why Partner with Dorvie Communities?

Dorvie Communities Uniquely Allows You To:

Stay the trusted resource, adding value on and off-campus
Unlock your staff's time to focus on resident care, not logistics
Create a new line of business serving people living at home
Stay deeply engaged with prospects throughout their journey
How Dorvie Works for Your Prospects

How does Dorvie Communities Work for You?

Dorvie Communities Makes it Easy for You To:

Directly integrate into your existing outreach and sales process
Seamlessly communicate with prospects receiving Dorvie services
Easily track & adjust services for your prospects, if needed
Automatically receive shared revenue from enrolled prospects
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Dorvie by the Numbers

  • 30 Minutes

    Average Onboarding Call

  • 3 / Member

    # of Weekly Concierge Contacts

  • $737 / Member

    Average Monthly Bill

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  • lawn care

    Lawn Care

  • house cleaning

    House Cleaning

  • meal delivery

    Meal Delivery

  • social media click thru

    90% Click-Thru

    On Partner Features on Our Social Media Channels

  • email open rate

    10-15% Higher

    Email Open Rate than Industry Average

How Do We Get Started?

  • Define a pilot timeline & scope:

    - How long should our pilot run?

    - What services will this entail?

    - How will we work together?

  • Define how to engage together:

    - How do we ID clients to enroll?

    - Where do we co-brand/market?

    - How do we integrate into outreach?

  • Set milestones & expectations:

    - What does success look like?

    - How do we scale together?

    - How will we work together post-pilot?

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