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What is Dorvie?

Dorvie is a Quantified Ventures company. The name “Dorvie” is a play on the French term for golden life: “vie d’or,” which is exactly what we want our users to experience. We make a golden life accessible by saving our members time, energy, and money. We do this in three ways:

  • We make finding high quality, high value services straightforward by partnering with only trusted service providers and negotiating exclusive rates on your behalf. All to make it easier to have your house cleaned, laundry done, home maintenance completed, meals delivered, lawn kept beautiful, and pantry always stocked.

  • We make getting the services you need simple by offering four distinct collections of services, based on the way you want to spend your time and retirement. Whether you love hosting your friends and family, ordering-in for every meal, having the perfect lawn and garden, or creating as much free time for yourself as possible – we have you covered.

  • We make scheduling and bill payment effortless by taking it all on for you. You pick your perfect-fit collection and select how many times per month you want a service. We’ll call you to discuss the best days and times for our providers to visit your home. From there, we’ll do all the logistics and scheduling – keeping you up to date along the way – and then send you a consolidated bill at the end of every month.

About the Team


Anthony was born in California to a Navy family. After a childhood of living in many states, his family eventually settled in Omaha, NE, which is where he lives today with his wife, two kids, and dog. Anthony is responsible for finding the service providers that we partner with, negotiating the best rates, and adding new services for our community to use. Anthony previously was a Financial Analyst at ConAgra and before that, served as a US Marine Corps helicopter pilot.


Me’Kel is originally from Oklahoma but now calls Washington DC home after she and her husband moved there to expand their community volunteer work. Having a heart of service inspired her initial career as a personal chef, and taking care of others is still near and dear to her heart. Me’Kel leads our Concierge Services, providing an exceptional experience for each member of our community. Before Dorvie, Me’Kel developed teams and managed operations for Hello Alfred, and served in finance-focused roles at Bank of Oklahoma and Bank of America.

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Dan grew up in Massachusetts, with his brother, mom, dad, and dog. He was the 8th generation of his family to live in his home, and his parents still live there today with his brother next door. Dan now lives in Washington, DC with his wife and two kids, two blocks away from Hersh. Dan specializes in technology development and is bringing all of Dorvie’s features to life. Before Dorvie, Dan created technology and managed development teams for the Transportation Security Administration, Battelle, and LEGO.


Hersh was born in India and lived in Maine, New York, New Jersey, and New Orleans before moving to Washington, DC. Hersh lives with his wife, daughter, and two dogs down the street from Dan and a few more steps away from his sister. Their parents have plans to move into the neighborhood soon. Hersh develops new features and partnerships with subject matter experts to create content for our community. Hersh has developed programs and teams at Booz Allen Hamilton, the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative, Amazon, and the White House.


Matt was born and raised in Massachusetts, attended college in Ohio, and settled in the nation’s capital after graduation. Matt, his spouse, two kids, and his dog/first child live in the Brookland neighborhood of NE Washington, DC. Matt supports marketing and communications for Dorvie and its parent company, Quantified Ventures. Previously, he served in marketing, communications, operations, alumni relations, and business development roles at The George Washington University and Hill & Knowlton Strategies.


Erin is a native of small-town south Alabama who grew up with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Harper Lee (known to her as "Miss Nelle") as a neighbor, so it's no wonder she's always nurtured a love for the written word. She left home at 18 to attend Tulane University and fell so in love with New Orleans that she never left. She and her husband make their home in the Crescent City with their two sons and a loveable old pup. At Dorvie, Erin focuses on creating content that resonates with aging adults and their families, connecting them with valuable resources that help them retain their relationships and make the most of their golden years.


Jay consults for Dorvie, leading partnership and business development. He brings his experience as a serial entrepreneur – co-founding and selling two businesses – to identify Dorvie’s strategic growth channels, map target markets and territories, and formalize ongoing relationships.

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