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Trust & Timing: Dorvie Announces New Senior Living Community Partnership Model

The first year of Dorvie has been such a learning experience for me, and I'm eager to fill everyone in about an interesting turn in the road we've just taken on our journey.  

Dorvie is joining forces with senior living communities to provide proactive and predictable services to older adults who want to continue living independently. This natural evolution of our services came about much the same way Dorvie itself was born—through genuine and honest conversations with real people in our target demographic and professionals working in the senior living industry.  

Trust Meets Timing 

As we continued to grow our B2C business over the last year, we identified two elements as key to connecting with and onboarding new Dorvie members: Trust and Timing. Adults aging independently need to be able to trust those they’re working with, and that trust must be earned. And the time and conditions must be right in order for them to make a decision to sign up for services.  

The more we spoke with professionals in the senior living industry, the more we heard the importance of those elements echoed in their work. A trust relationship must exist in order for a senior living community to even get a prospect on the phone, but oftentimes the timing for moving on campus isn’t right. At that point, prospects might walk away, and the facility loses touch with them.  

But what if these senior living communities were able to offer their prospects and their wider communities value both on and off campus? What if they could nurture those leads by providing much-needed home services? We discovered that many senior living communities had tried to create programs to do just that, but the costs to operate and/or scale were too high, and the execution stretched their already hardworking staff even thinner.  

We saw then the value we could add. We bring to the table a fully-baked program with well-vetted providers and the capacity to serve at scale. Our high tech, high touch approach marries the convenience of a data-rich technological approach with a hands-on concierge experience for members.  

Through this work, we’re able to strengthen the already trusted relationship between senior living organizations and their future residents and off-campus community members alike, by providing the support needed to age happily at home. If a time comes when a Dorvie member is ready to move into a residential facility, they will know and trust that the community they’ve been working with has their best interests at heart. It is our goal that this natural marriage of our services can help provide a sense of stability and security to the customer and their family.  

In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to sharing more about the amazing partners we’re working with. We offer this partnership as either a co-branded or white labeled service, allowing each senior living community to choose exactly how they want to position the services to their prospects. If you’re interested in talking about a potential partnership with Dorvie, we’d love to talk with you!  

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