People's priorities for their retirement are changing rapidly

  • It's prohibitively expensive to meet the desire to live independently

  • It's time and resource-intensive to build relationships with prospects who want to live independently

  • There are limited opportunities to create new lines of revenue

Industry-derived answers are too rare, and shoe-horning existing "solutions" leaves your team behind

Dorvie extends your mission off-campus without ongoing resources

  • Dorvie was created by thirteen LeadingAge members

  • We're a home services concierge program, customized for your clients

  • Offer Dorvie to unsure prospects

  • Our concierges make us different: scheduling and coordinating services

House Cleaning, Laundry, Meal Delivery, Lawn Care, Home Maintenance, and More!

  • Home Services

    • Ready-to-launch services
    • Managed provider relationships and customer service

  • Tech & Data

    • Custom websites for client sign-ups
    • Service usage reports to help manage pipeline
  • Outreach Program

    • Outreach materials describing the value
    • Content for emails, earned media, etc.
  • Shared Revenue

    • Dorvie will share a percentage of revenue from every client who receives services



Prospect List


At-Home Program


Revenue / Customer

Revenue Share Projections


Monthly Service Usage

Annual Revenue Share (10%)

Our vetting process makes your clients' experience the priority

Before a provider delivers any services, we employ Four-Factor Vetting:

  • Find providers on Google, Yelp, etc. - conducting sentiment analysis on reviews and eliminating based on poor work

  • Check service providers' status with local regulators - are they in good standing?

  • Ensure that they're insured, licensed, certified, and background-checked

  • Provide a health and safety assessment training